Indonesia Roadmap

How do you deal with everything that is so typical of doing business in Indonesia and thrive? Want to know how the captains of industry got to where they are?

About the Author

Nidthia Chelvam helps multi-national companies and family owned businesses turn their strategies into results.

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Your Google Map for Business

In these pages, you will uncover “8 realities every CEO must know to navigate this thriving market.

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What Our Readers Say

For leaders,aspiring leaders and those who work for them – a great how-to manual for doing business in Indonesia and succeeding.
Justin Doebele, Forbes Indonesia
Because of their personal backgrounds, Chelvam and Choo are able to offer unique perspectives on organizational transformation in Indonesia.Their unusual vantage points allow them to explain “East meets West” management ideals and then offer advice on how to apply them to other organizations.
Firdaus Alamsjah Ph.D, Bina Nusantara University (BINUS) International
Don’t argue for other people’s weaknesses.We empower what’s out there to control us. Admit it. After reading Indonesia Roadmap you have no more excuses!
Rachmat Wirasena Suryo, The President Post
Chelvam’s journalistic discipline and ideological skepticism complement Choo’s insider knowledge. The pair created, in corporation with countless CEOs, a definitive handbook for corporate Indonesia.
Mohanachandren Chettiar, United Parcel Service (UPS) Indonesia (NYSE: UPS)
Indonesia Roadmap is an inspiration – understanding the culture and adapting to the system is just what we need in this thriving market.
Eddie Chin, Bayan Resources (IDX:BYAN)
The rules for succeeding in Indonesian business have changed. Indonesia Roadmap defines those changes and explains how CEOs have engineered some of the most successful transformations in Indonesian corporate history. Anyone at any level of business will profit from this book.
J.B. Soesetiyo, Fortune Indonesia
This book captures the essence of succeeding in this market. It contains essential lessons that need to be learned by all of corporate Indonesia.
Krishnan Rajendran, IPMI International Business School
Indonesia Roadmap forces you to confront organizational and leadership self-evaluation. It is impossible to read it without simultaneously questioning your own organization’s structure and operation. This book is filled with thought-provoking ideas.
Eamon Ginley, Holcim Indonesia (IDX:SMCB)
Chelvam and Choo’s Indonesia Roadmap is an example of ideologies and pragmatic experiences that make this book a groundbreaker on how to thrive in this rising star. It’s themes of bureaucracy, labour empowerment, scarcity of good talent and development challenges due to poor infrastructure can be adopted by most business leaders.
Halim Ashari, BW Plantations (IDX:BWPT) and President Malaysia Club Jakarta (MCJ)
Awesome, well written, good read – 1 book, 1000 ideas.
Ragunath Joe Murthy, International Business Council of Indonesia